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Enhance your knowledge on the diagnosis and histology of muscle-invasive bladder cancer, and the latest treatments of metastatic bladder cancer through lectures, point-counterpoint discussions, case presentations, and semi-live surgeries. During these surgeries, you will receive insights in radical transurethral resection (TUR) for small invasive tumors; issues in node dissection; tips and tricks for open versus robotic cystectomy; and prostate sparing cystectomy, to name a few.

You will also learn to recognise and prevent complications based on the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols. And you will have the chance to present your paper in the Journal club!

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A. Witjes
Course Director
M. Rouprêt
Chairman ESOU
E. Liatsikos
Chairman ESU
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What others say about this masterclass

Mr. Mohamed Ismat Abdulmajed (GB):

As the sole surgeon running the service for radical cystectomy in North Wales, UK that offers a large case volume (30-35 a year). I applied to this masterclass as I needed to have an overview of best contemporary practices in Europe particularly when dealing with challenging cases (e.g. variant histology, salvage and complex pelvic oncology) as I had a share of those in my clinical practice.

I liked everything about the masterclass. There were plenty of fruitful discussions throughout. During surgical presentations, the masterclass offered valuable expert insights that aren’t mentioned in textbooks or guidelines.

The masterclass definitely helped me in counselling patients in the outpatient setting, planning surgery in difficult cases, and dealing with some very challenging intraoperative experiences.

Dr. Laila Schneidewind (DE):

I applied for this masterclass, because I aspired to gain more in-depth knowledge in MIBC and learn from the top experts. Furthermore, I’ve heard that ESU masterclasses are excellent and highly interactive.

This masterclass will have a lot of impact on my clinical practice as I’ve learned so much about cystectomy. Additionally, I was able to identify my own knowledge gaps in MIBC and know where I need to improve to provide better treatment and care to my patients.


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